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Frequently Asked Questions - Members

How do I change my bio and other information?

Login and click My Account on the left side. From there click "Edit" from the links directly above your picture. You will be able to change everything in your profile.

How do I change my picture?

Login and click "My Account" from the left side menu, then click "Edit" from the list of links above your picture. Scroll down to see the Picture field.

Click the Browse button to find your image. Select your image and click Enter.

Click the Upload button to upload your image and you're done! 

Your image file size must not be bigger than 5 Megabytes (or 5,000,000 bytes).

To see the file size of your image, right-click on it on your computer and select properties. In the middle of the General tab, you'll see Size:

To resize your image, if you are using Windows go into MS Paint by clicking Start, Programs, Accessories, then Paint and follow the steps below...

  1. Open the image in Paint by clicking File, then Open... from the top menu, browse to your image and open it.
  2. Choose Image, then Stretch/Skew from the top menu. Enter a lower percentage for the Horizontal and Vertical Stretch but make sure you enter the same number for both. This will make your image smaller.
  3. Now choose Image then Attributes from the top menu. You should see the new new "size on disk" of your image. If it is still too big, do not change the numbers there. Go back to Stretch/Skew and enter a smaller (or higher if need be) percentage number. Keep going back and forth until you get the size you want.
  4. Now save your image by clicking File then Save As... Choose .jpg for the File Type. Do not overwrite your original file but use a different file name. Remember where you saved the file because you will have to get to it for clergyconnections.

Now your image can be uploaded into ClergyConnections.com.

What if I want people to know when and where to come hear me speak?

Tell them to go to ClergyConnections.Com and click on your speaking schedule. 

With whom will my information be shared?

Your information can be viewed by anyone on the World Wide Web. You may choose not to show your phone number(s) . Your email address will not be shared or sold to anyone but will only be used for correspondence with our office.