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Frequently Asked Questions - Registration

Why should I register with ClergyConnections.Com?

ClergyConnection.Com makes your Biographical information available at all times to those who desire it. No longer will you or your secretary have to send it out. Whenever you are invited to speak or participate, advise that your information is available at ClergyConnections.Com.

Is there a cost to register with ClergyConnections.Com?

Of course there is! There is a yearly hosting fee of $39.50, which amounts to a little over $3.00 per month. 

What do I get for my Registration fee?

You may post your Biographical information, picture along with your personal ministry and contact information. You may also post your speaking schedule. 

Who can register with ClergyConnections.Com?

Any and all Christian ministers are invited and encouraged to sign up.

Why is it that non-clergy cannot register?

ClergyConnection.Com is designed to meet a specific categorical need. There are other Bio-Banks that do a wonderful job of serving unique professional groups. 

How do I register with ClergyConnections.Com?

Follow these steps to register:

  • Click the Register Now link from the top or bottom menubar.
  • Fill in required fields and click Send Registration. You will see a Confirmation page.
  • Click Continue. Your registration information is saved and you will receive an email saying your account it pending approval.
  • Click Checkout to be directed to PayPal's secure site to enter your Credit Card information.
  • There is a $39.50 per year hosting charge (That's $3.00 per month.) .


Once your payment is received, our moderators will approve your account and you will be sent an email welcoming you to the site with instructions for how to login to update your information.

What if I don’t know how to do all that stuff and can't find anyone to do it for me, what can I do?

You can mail your Bio hard copy and print picture to our office and we will enter it for you. If you are registering for the first time, you must also provide your credit card info for payment. Contact us for additional instructions.

How long is my registration valid?

Your hosting is valid for one year. The $39.50 renewal fee will be applied automatically after one year unless you cancel. 

Do I need a PayPal account?

Not at all. When you checkout via PayPal and get to the PayPal page, simply scroll down to where it says "Don't have a PayPal Account?" and click the Continue button or link  You can pay by credit/debit card or electronic check.

How do I cancel my registration?

You may cancel your registration at any time by logging in at clergyconnections.com and clicking Cancel from your account.

Please note that no refunds will be given upon cancellation, instead your information will be deactivated on our server when your subscription term is up.

If you would like to delete your user account from our system please call us at 1-845-473-2655.