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Welcome to ClergyConnections.com!

ClergyConnections.Com is a Biography Bank of Ministers, Preachers and Clergypersons, specialized in making it easy to connect with Clergy. All names are listed in alphabetical order and can be accessed at no charge by just going to the site. Instead of having your secretary or someone send out your Biography and Introductory Information, you simply direct the people to this site to find your information listed in alphabetical order. There is no charge to the retrieve the information.

All Clergy are invited to register and place their information on the site for easy and continued access.

There is a yearly hosting fee of $39.50.

Finding biographical information on the Internet is both time-consuming and frustrating. While any particular name can retrieve a number of hits on any search engine of your choice, finding current, accurate biographies can be difficult. Fortunately, the Internet is a rich source of diverse biographical information and this site will guide users to an array of information on numerous preachers and clergypersons. This site is by no means comprehensive but is growing daily. When your information is listed here, you will no longer have to send out Biographical information but simply advise people to go to ClergyConnections.Com and download it free of charge. This Site is a secretary’s best friend.

ClergyConnections.Com is operated by Jubilee Development Enterprises, Inc., 1 Whitehall Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY